Mobile Home Door Measurement Guide

Follow this guide to determine the correct size and type of door you will need:

1. What type of door do you need?

  • Outswing Door: This is a single door hinged on the outside that opens outward - it does not have a storm door. We carry Elixir Series 200 outswing doors and steel, six panel outswing doors
  • Combination Door: This door has a main door that opens inward, and a storm door attached on the outside- this is an economical upgrade from the outswing door with a variety of options. We carry Elixir combination doors in 6000, 7000, and 9000 series with diamond, 3/4 oval, and fan windows or knocker and viewer.

2. Do you need a left hand or right hand opening door?

  • Stand on the OUTSIDE of your home - which side are the hinges on?
  • If the hinges are on the LEFT side - you need a LEFT hand opening door
  • If the hinges are on the RIGHT side - you need a RIGHT hand opening door
  • Right and Left Hand DOES NOT  correspond to the side that the door knob is on
  • Please note, all of our outswing doors are left hand opening doors. Our combo doors are available in right or left hand opening.

3. What size door do you need?

  • There are three critical measurements- width, height, and if it is a combination door- jamb width (or thickness).
  • All mobile home doors are based on "rough opening" - the size of the hole in the side of the home if the door was removed. Typically, these measurements will be slightly larger than the required size needed. For example, If the door was removed and you measure the opening at 32-1/2" wide and 76-1/2" tall, you would order a 32"x76" door.
  • If you cant remove the door to measure the opening, remove the interior trim and measure the door with the side jambs and add 1/2." This will yield the measurements of the door you need to order.
  • The last measurement is jamb size. Since the mobile home combination door has the main door and storm door as a complete assembly, the door frame or jamb is included and must match the thickness of the wall of the home.
  • The thickness of the wall of the home varies with date of manufacture and interior and exterior coverings. Earlier homes used 4" thick wall with metal siding. Many modern homes now have 6" or 6-1/2" thick walls.
  • All of our combination doors have 4" jambs